Calling all Safety and Health Professionals!

Are you willing to lend your expertise for a graduate research project?

Much research has been carried out in the last three decades aimed at identifying the ingredients that are necessary for establishing and maintaining a positive safety culture.  However, there is still no consensus about which ingredients are universally essential.  We do know that the safety management system (and its practices) can be regarded as the antecedents of an organization’s safety culture.  These organizational practices are the policies, strategies, procedures and activities.  The challenge is to determine which are the most important.

Palmetto EHS, in conjunction with the Business School of Nova Southeastern University, is conducting research aimed at identifying the most important practices leading to a positive safety culture, and you are invited to participate in this study by answering a brief survey question.  The research results will be shared with all participants, upon request, at the conclusion of the study.  These results may have some practical value in your workplace.

To become a participant in the study go to to access the survey.


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