EHS Resources

Welcome to Palmetto EHS. We have compiled a list of resources for EHS professionals that we hope you can use.  These materials are prepared by the individual websites or their members and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. In cases where you will be referring to non-governmental sources, we recommend that you check them against OSHA standards. Palmetto EHS cannot guarantee compliance with any state, local or federal regulation. Palmetto EHS is providing you with links to other Internet sites and takes no responsibility for the information or contents contained in those sites, nor does it exercise any control thereof. 


  1. OSHA’s Ergonomics Guidelines
  2. Ergonomic Controls-OSHA
  3. NIOSH Resources Including Lifting Equation
  4. Washington State OSHA Ergonomics Evaluation Tools
  5. REBA Worksheet
  6. RULA
  7. List of Evaluation Tools from Cornell

Safety and Industrial Hygiene Exam Prep

  1. American Board of Industrial Hygiene
  2. Board of Certified Safety Professionals
  3. CSP and CIH Exam Prep-Bowen EHS

Fact Sheets & Quick Training Tools

  1. NSC Fact Sheets
  2. OSHA’s Quick Cards
  3. OSHA’s Fact Sheets

Globally Harmonized System (OSHA’s Revised Hazcom Standard)

  1. GHS and OSHA’s Revised Hazcom Standard: What You Need to Know
  2. OSHA GHS Page

Indoor Air Quality

  1. NIOSH Resources
  2. OSHA Resources

Industrial Hygiene

  1. American Industrial Hygiene Association
  2. American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
  3. American Board of Industrial Hygiene
  4. NIOSH Pocket Guide

Inspection Checklists

  1. OSHA Small Business Checklist
  2. SC OSHA Checklists
  3. OSHA Computer Workstation Checklist


  1. EPA Lead Information
  2. Renovation Repair and Painting


  1. EPA Mold Home Page
  2. Mold and Moisture in Homes
  3. Mold Remediation
  4. EPA’s IAQ Tools for Schools
  5. Clinician’s Guide to Mold
  6. EMSL’s Fungal Facts

Safety Data Sheets (Material Safety Data Sheets)

  1. SIRI
  3. EHSO
  4. MSDS Exchange
  5. MSDS Search
  6. MSDS Online

OSHA Statistics/Workplace Accident & Fatality Information

  1. Citation Search, Most Frequently Cited Standards, SIC Codes, etc.
  2. A Collection of Workplace Accident/Fatality Resources


  1. Posters from OSHA
  2. Posters from NY State


  1. EPA’s Radon Page


  1.  OSHA Recordability Flow Chart

 Safety Humor (Pictures, Jokes, Stories)

  1. Collection of Safety Jokes
  2. Funny Pictures 
  3. Darwin Awards
  4. Ergonomics
  5. More Pictures

 Training Materials (Presentations, Videos, Handouts, and More)

  1. Construction 10 Hour Presentations
  2. General Industry 10 Hour Presentations
  3. Free Training Materials from OSHA
  4. Training Materials and Fact Sheets
  5. 10 Hour Presentations in Spanish
  6. Oklahoma State Presentations
  7. Washington State Programs
  8. Washington State Videos
  9. Georgia Tech Training Materials
  10. OSHA Multi-Media Training Materials