Are You GHS Compliant?


By Rachel Morgan, MPH, ASP, EHS Specialist

Are you GHS compliant?

June 1, 2016 has come and gone. Have you revised the labels on your chemicals, updated your Hazard Communication Program, and provided your employees training on any additional hazard communication items needed?

Labels must be placed on the container of every hazardous chemical in the workplace, and under the new GHS standard, they must contain the product identifier, signal word, hazard statement(s), pictogram(s), precautionary statement(s), and the name/address/phone number of the responsible party. Additionally, your Hazard Communication Program should have been updated include all aspects of the GHS standard, and your employees should have been trained on any additions to your Hazard Communication Program.

If you need assistance getting compliant with GHS, whether its getting all of your chemicals labeled appropriately, training your employees, or updating your Hazard Communication Program, contact us and we can provide these services for you.

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